Learn to Maintain Your Bike: A Workshop at Kalinga Park Exclusive for Women

Women 16 years old and above are invited to attend a free workshop on “How to Maintain Your Bike for Free” at Kalinga Park, Clayfield on 14th January from 9:00 a.m. until 11:00 a.m. The course will teach women how to change tyres and keep their bikes rolling with basic maintenance tips that will save them from spending. All interested females may attend the workshop with or without their bikes.

Bike maintenance is important to ensure the safety of riders whenever they are out cycling. Both loose and stiff bike parts can lead to accidents, including damage and corrosion. All of these could lead to unnecessary expense, or worse, injure the rider. All bike parts need to be tightened, inspected, and properly lubricated.

Another benefit of learning how to properly maintain bikes is that regular safeguarding avoids major bike damage. Learning to maintain bikes on your own will help you troubleshoot small problems as they arise and save you from bigger and more expensive repairs or buying a brand new bike.

Photo credit: CCO Public Domain / Taliesi / Pixabay

The “How to Maintain Your Bike for Free” is presented by the Brisbane City Council as part of its Active and Healthy & Cycling programs. One of the Council’s Brisbane Vision 2031 themes is an active and healthy city. To support this initiative, the Council provides different recreational events that will promote healthy lifestyle for people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds. One of this is the Cycling Brisbane which holds regular activities that are similar to the How to Maintain Your Bike for Free workshop.

Regular cycling provides health benefits such as strengthening the cardiovascular and other muscles of the body. It also improves the joint mobility, posture, and body coordination. Furthermore, biking decreased stress and body fats, prevent many diseases, and reduced anxiety and depression.