Vintage Lane Tattoo Makes its Mark in Clayfield

Photo credit: Vintage Lane Tattoo/Facebook

Vintage Lane Tattoo will be officially opening their doors to the Clayfield community on Sunday, the 17th of September, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Opening Day will be filled with “old school” tattoo fun as they retro and classic flash designs at affordable prices. It will be a day of entertainment, raffles, prizes and yes, tattoos.

Get a chance to win a $500 Vintage Lane Tattoo Gift Certificate at the event raffle when you attend.


Get Inked

Photo credit: Vintage Lane Tattoo/Facebook


Tattoo artists Ms. Britt and Amylou are the artists of the open day. Customers who come on Opening Day can choose from various designs on their flash sheet for their tattoo. The sizes of the designs can range between the size of a 10-cent coin and that of a tennis ball, with prices at $20 and $40. The designs will be tattooed as is. The artists can’t change the sizes of the designs.

Photo credit: Vintage Lane Tattoo/Facebook

Here are some reminders from them if you want to get a tattoo.

  • No pre-booking
  • No outside designs
  • No colour
  • No necks and ribs
  • Cash Only

Potential customers should remember the drill. Do not not take any blood thinners like Ibuprofen up to a day before going in for a tat. Strictly no alcohols after getting inked. Always remember to wash the tattooed area with soap and water, but be mindful of instructions from the shop about when it will be safe to start wetting it. Apply a small amount of moisturisers like After Ink and Bepanthen once the area is air-dried. Do not over moisturise it.

For starters, do not, by all means, scratch it or peel off the scab. You can get your tattoo messed up. Do not forget to wash your hands before doing any tattoo aftercare regimen. These are basically minute wounds that can be infected. That also means that you should not let anyone touch your tattoo, unless their hands are clean.


It’s a Kid-Friendly Event

Photo credit: Vintage Lane Tattoo/Facebook

You heard it right. This is a kid-friendly event. The outside entertainment area will keep the kids busy throughout the day (while you’re getting a tattoo). There are BBQs, popcorns, fairy floss, drinks, and hotdogs, with vegan options. This could be a family fun day, too.

However, the indoor area of the tattoo studio are always “off limits” for the kids.


Are There Entry Fees?

The day’s entertainment is FREE. Only the tattoos will require cash from your pocket. Food and drinks, while not free, will only cost a gold coin donation ($1 to $2).

Just a reminder, tattoos are permanent. Think before you ink. Choose the design that you know you will never regret. Tattoo is a form of art that lets you express yourself. Choose wisely.

Visit the event page and the Vintage Lane Tattoo Facebook page for updates on the flash.