CCTV Aids Capture of Intruder in Break-In

Residents of Clayfield were given a stark reminder of the importance of home security systems as CCTV aids in the capture of an intruder at a residence on Queens Road.

Despite the absence of the homeowner, a timely alert from their CCTV security setup allowed them to promptly notify the police.

The suspect, gaining entry by tampering with a window, was soon located within the premises by a collaborative effort of Hendra Station, Boondall Tactical Crime Squad, and Boondall Highway Patrol officers.

In a tense turn of events, the alleged intruder barricaded himself inside a bedroom, forcing law enforcement to intervene forcefully.

Once in custody, authorities discovered stolen items, including valuable jewellery and cash, alongside tools commonly associated with break-and-enter crimes. Drug paraphernalia and a vehicle key were also seized from the individual.

Outside the property, a surprising find awaited as police stumbled upon a blue 2019 Subaru, its licence plates cleverly falsified. Investigations revealed the car had been reported stolen from an Ashgrove residence on July 17.

The ensuing legal proceedings have led to a 42-year-old man being charged with several offences.

These include entering a dwelling with intent to commit an indictable offence, obstructing police, and the possession of stolen goods.

Additional charges for the Aug 7 incident pertain to the possession of burglary tools, improper disposal of drug paraphernalia, and the possession of items believed to be associated with drug-related activities.

Furthermore, the accused faces charges related to the break-in as well as the unlawful use of the stolen Subaru. The individual remains in custody and is set to appear before the Brisbane Magistrates Court on August 8.

This incident underscores the importance of community collaboration and the critical role that home security measures play in safeguarding Clayfield’s tranquil environment.

Residents are urged to share any relevant information with authorities via Policelink, or Crime Stoppers using the reference numbers QP2301299969, QP2301172304.

The prompt response and effective teamwork demonstrated by law enforcement agencies serve as a reassuring testament to their commitment to maintaining safety and security within the Clayfield community.

Published 9-August-2023