Clayfield College Upgrades Continue, Science Lab Now Being Updated

At Clayfield College, upgrades and building works continue, with the science laboratories now being updated, following the completion of a competition-size tennis court in mid-2021.

Work on the science labs started in mid-December 2021 with plans to paint each room with different colour themes. New furniture, cupboards, and equipment to match the upgraded rooms will also be installed before the new school term starts. 

Science lab upgrades
Installation of panels
Science lab upgrades

Whilst this is ongoing, MondoClad installation will also continue in the Year 7/8 Building. MondoClads are energy-efficient, low-maintenance solid aluminium panels that can withstand the harsh Australian environment. 

Clayfield College building work

According to Dr Andrew Cousins, the principal of Clayfield College, the campus refresh is expected to enhance student learning.

Apart from the new tennis court and the upcoming science labs, the campus also underwent a refurbishment of the Assembly Hall, and the welcome wall on Bayview Terrace last year.

The next phase of the renovation, set for the June/July 2022 school holiday, will include the demolition of the Whitesands Apartments, Vacant House and Maintenance House. 

“While these three buildings may be Clayfield College landmarks, they have reached the end of their useful life,” Dr Cousins said.

“Their removal provides a starting point to modernise and visually open up the campus. At this point in time, the areas left by the buildings will, for the most part, provide additional green space for our students.”

The campus refresh received support from the P&F Association and the Old Collegians’ Association and Foundation.

These upgrades come as Clayfield College is set to transition into a coeducational institution in 2023. Director of Corporate Services Director of Corporate Services Mr Dan Drewe also said that they school will be releasing a new Strategic Vision for 2022 to 2025.

“Building on our rich 90-year history, this will be a period of growth and development for our College, and we can’t wait to share this journey with our Clayfield family.”