Diving Champ Cassiel Rousseau to Sacrifice Job, Studies to Pursue Olympic Glory

Cassiel Rousseau, who took the diving world by storm with his gold medal at the 2023 World Aquatics Championships, says he will likely have to sacrifice his studies, social life, and job in Clayfield to repeat the feat at the 2024 Paris Olympics.

In Fukuoka, the 22-year-old diving sensation became the first Australian ever to win gold in the men’s 10m platform . In doing so, he also denied China a sweep of all 13 gold medals in diving.

But with his rivals sure to come back stronger in their quest for Olympic gold, Rousseau believes he will need to wholly devote himself to training over the next year.

Cassiel Rousseau: Train, Work, Study

Diving Champ Cassiel Rousseau to Sacrifice Job, Studies to Pursue Olympic Glory
Photo Credit: Facebook/World Aquatics

To stay at the top, Rousseau will have to give up working, which could change his financial prospects. He added that he might also have to take a break from his studies.

Cassiel is a receptionist at City Cave Clayfield and a psychology student at Griffith University. He is grateful for the flexibility both commitments have afforded his training so far. However, he says it is becoming difficult to balance everything.

His risky but high-scoring forward four-and-a-half somersault secured him a surprise world title. 

Rousseau is careful not to get too complacent with his victory. He knows that maintaining his position at the top will require better training – especially with better-funded rivals and a target on his back.

With his grandfather Michel having won Olympic cycling gold for France at the 1956 Melbourne Games, the 2024 Paris Olympics hold special significance for Rousseau.

It is this family history that will drive him through the sacrifices ahead in his quest for more precious metal.

Published 05 August 2023