Clayfield Cafe Closure Leaves Patrons Stunned, New Possibilities Hinted

The abrupt announcement of the closure of My Mistress Cafe in Clayfield surprised loyal patrons. Speculation swirled among the community after its owners, Natalie Vostok and Rhiannon Redmond, shuttered the popular cafe’s doors without notice.

On  Thursday, 22, Feb 2024, an air of uncertainty loomed as customers arrived at the cafe only to find the establishment inaccessible. 

Well-loved for its delectable fare, My Mistress Cafe boasts a substantial social media following. However, there were no indications that the site had closed, prompting concern and confusion among its dedicated clientele.

Despite the sombre atmosphere surrounding My Mistress café, a glimmer of hope emerged on Friday, 23 Feb 2024, with the appearance of a mysterious message in the café’s window. 

My Mistress Cafe Clayfield
Photo Credit: Google Maps

Alongside the customary “Sorry, we are closed” notice, a new message written in bold red ink captured the attention of passersby. 

“The door has not closed. In fact, it has now opened to new possibilities,” the cryptic message declared, hinting at a potential shift in the café’s future direction.

Despite repeated attempts, the owners have remained elusive, leaving patrons and observers eager for further insight into the unfolding narrative of the café’s next chapters.

Published 27-February-2024