Kerbside Collection For Clayfield: What To Do With Unacceptable Items

Kerbside Collection Day for Clayfield and nearby suburbs is fast approaching. Have you sorted your items for disposal yet? Here’s a list of acceptable and unacceptable items, and what to do with items that cannot be picked up. 

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Kerbside Collection Items

Here are the acceptable items for collection:

  • furniture and white goods (e.g. fridges and stoves)
  • small household appliances (e.g. fans and toasters)
  • carpet and rugs
  • bath and laundry tubs
  • wood products less than 1.5 metres
  • bicycles and sporting equipment
  • electronic waste (e.g. televisions and computers)

The following items, however, should not be placed on the kerb during the collection period:

  • garden waste (e.g. trees, grass, potted plants)
  • dirt and stones
  • bricks and concrete
  • commercial builders waste
  • car parts and tyres, including car batteries
  • general household waste (e.g. food scraps)
  • liquids
  • hazardous wastes (e.g. chemicals, oil, asbestos)
  • gas bottles
  • glass and mirrors
  • household waste that normally goes into your waste or recycling bin

Bring them to resource recovery facilities

Brisbane City Council operates four resource recovery centres at Chandler, Ferny Grove, Nudgee and Willawong with recycling and waste facilities. You can drop them off for free or use your waste vouchers.

Printer cartridges are among the household waste that does not normally go into your waste or recycling bin.

If you have ink cartridges, you can bring them to Planet Ark, which turns the materials, such as plastics, metal, inks, and toners into new products. When they are disposed of into landfill, these resources are lost.

kerbside collection for Clayfield
Photo credit: wolteeva/Pixabay

The Cartridges 4 Planet Ark program is an innovative recycling program that provides residents with an easy and environmentally accredited way to recycle their used printer cartridges. 

Batteries, on the other hand, are among the top items commonly put on the kerb, even if they don’t belong there. Please remember that they cannot be disposed of in everyday household disposal bins or recycling bins.

Batteries should be brought to Aldi, Battery World, and selected Officeworks instead, where they will be properly recycled to prevent them from ending up in the landfill.

kerbside collection for Clayfield
Photo credit: Visor69/Pixabay

Once the batteries are collected by specialists, they undergo sorting and separation into various grades, before they are processed into materials that can be used to manufacture new batteries or be used in the production of other steel products.

Just a tip before dropping off your batteries, tape the ends using non-conductive tape like electrical tape or sticky tape to prevent sparkling which creates fire hazards.

kerbside collection for Clayfield
Photo credit: ds_30/Pixabay

Meanwhile, resource recovery centres also accept hazardous waste. Many of these hazardous waste are items at home, including bleach, garden chemicals, and cleaning solvents bought from supermarkets.

You can take advantage of the next free drop-off day at the Nudgee Resource Recovery Centre on Saturday, 3 December 2022, from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. to drop off your household hazardous waste.

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Mark your calendars

For the kerbside collection for Clayfield and nearby suburbs, don’t forget these dates:

Hendra 24 October 2022
Kalinga 24 October 2022
Northgate 24 October 2022
Wooloowin 24 October 2022
Clayfield 31 October 2022