St. Rita’s College in Clayfield Proposed Plans for New Arts Building

Professional planning firm John Gaskell Planning Consultants (JGPC) lodged a development application to the Brisbane City Council (BCC), in behalf of St. Rita’s College, for a new Arts Building. The proposal is still awaiting the Council’s approval to move forward.

The new Arts Building is seen to provide the students a “state-of-the-art” facility to develop their raw talents in music, drama, film, and television. The facility will help the College community to deliver their art programs that are included in their curriculum and to have an efficient place to hold their co-curricular programs.


Proposed Plans for the New Arts Building

Photo credit: D.A. No. A004754429, Brisbane City Council


M3Architecture, a Brisbane-based architecture firm, designed the proposal for the new building. The plan seeks a construction of a five storey building, positioned on the south western area of the school grounds. However, it will only appear as a three storey building on the northern side due to the sloping.

The design indicated that there will be 13 general learning areas to accommodate the students and teachers. To further support the students’ talents in performing arts, the new building will feature music, rehearsal, drama, film, and television studios and a multipurpose theatre for performances.

The plan also includes a “Long Room” that will directly link the Arts Building to the courtyard spaces of the Kennedy Centre and Sacred Heart. This will help the students to access the buildings easily, whilst providing social spaces.

Photo credit: D.A. No. A004754429, Brisbane City Council

Development Details

The development application for the school’s new Arts Building includes:

  • New building with maximum height of 22.5 metres;
  • New Stafford Street access;
  • Landscape works to the Kennedy Centre;
  • Two-metre wide landscape buffer along the southern boundary;
  • Lane widening along the southern site boundary and Hunter Lane driveway crossover;
  • Modifications of facade; and
  • 28 new car park spaces, adjacent to the proposed building.


Several Buildings to be Affected

Photo credit: D.A. No. A004754429, Brisbane City Council

Based on the proposal, several buildings will be affected. This includes demolition of the existing Trinity Hall and the old pantry. Sacred Heart Building’s Level 1 classrooms will also be demolished, once approved.

Although Kennedy Building’s south wing together with the stairs, walkways, and garden, will be removed, the building will be redeveloped. Refurbishments of its existing ground and second floors will also commence to accommodate a new pantry.

The development will also require some demolition works of covered walkways, driveways, and courtyards to give way to the new facility.

Photo credit: D.A. No. A004754429, Brisbane City Council

Further details about the development application can be viewed on the BCC PD Online.