Harris Farm Markets’ Online Service Now Delivering to Brisbane

Following the return of Harris Farm Markets through their new branch in Clayfield, the grocery chain now delivers fresh meat and produce directly to their customers’ doorsteps — no queueing required. 

With the looming danger of COVID-19, many would-be customers are dissuaded by the idea of prolonged exposure outside. Fortunately, online shopping and delivery service is now available — even for household essentials that would normally be difficult to acquire outside of a market or a grocery such as fruits and vegetables. Harris Farm Markets provides exactly that.

The new online delivery services allows customers to have fresh produce delivered directly to their homes — emphasising both convenience and safety. Available stocks include but aren’t limited to tropical and seasonal fruits and vegetables, fresh meat both red and white, assortments of cheese, milk and yoghurt, as well as tea and coffee. 

Cheese, meat, and assorted snacks available at Harris Farm Markets.
Photo credit: Facebook

“Certainly, the ongoing concern about COVID-19 has meant many people prefer to order their fruit and veg online,” says Angus, “and we are seeing orders come in from all over greater Brisbane which is a wonderful testament to the city, and it’s love affair with local produce and fresh flavours.” 

To help customers choose products relevant to their interests, Harris Farm Markets offers pre-made bundles and boxes available for online delivery such as the ‘Office Fruit and Snack Box’ which contains fruits, chips and nuts that make for excellent snacks, the ‘Make Your Own Pizza Kit Box’ which contains all the ingredients necessary to create a homemade pizza, and last but not least, ‘Dave’s Market Picks’, a seasonal box named after David Harris, the founder of the company. 

Dave’s Market Picks Fruits and Veg Box XL. Contents vary depending on the season. 
Photo credit: Harris Farm Markets

All products sold at Harris Farm Markets come packaged in recyclable and reusable boxes made from recycled materials and compostable bio pack bags to ensure maximum sustainability and eco-friendliness. Children are even free to colour in the images that come with delivery boxes, which also come with instructions for crafts and games for kids to play. 

About the Harris Farm Markets

Harris Farm Markets has been in the industry for over 40 years. Under the ownership of the Harris family, they’ve delivered high-quality fruits and vegetables through their network of over 3,000 employees across 23 different stores. 

The Clayfield branch can be found at 823 Sandgate Rd, open every day from 6:00AM to 10:00PM. Follow them on Facebook or keep up with their blog for the latest updates concerning the various deals and seasonal products available.