Iconic Ohio Cafe In Clayfield Closes

For more than six decades, the Ohio Cafe had stood on Sandgate Road in Clayfield, making it one of the first burger places in the city. The cafe is known to have been opened in 1945 but it wasn’t until 1958 when it was registered as a business. This year, the cafe has finally closed its doors for good.

Vrishali and Yogesh Koshe took ownership of Ohio cafe in 2008, with high hopes for a bright future. However, their enthusiasm and the response of the customers have somewhat blinded them from some of the harsh realities of the business.

Upon ownership, Mr Koshe admitted that they never envisaged the extent competition along with the rising costs that came with their new venture.

They expanded the cafe turning it into a restaurant but they never increased their prices. The Ohio burger, one of their bestsellers, has remained the same price since 2011. They did not change their prices because customers don’t like them.

As the years went by, the upkeep of the restaurant grew, making it hard for the couple to continue. This becomes a problem that slowly gnawed at their resources, making closure inevitable.

Today, as they close their doors with a heavy heart, the couple still has a glimmer of hope for the future. In fact, they are hoping that someone buys the cafe to keep it going. On the other hand, should they be unsuccessful in finding a buyer, Ms Koshe hopes they can retain the name of the cafe with the intention of reviving it in the future.

Some of their most loyal customers shared expressed their sadness on the cafe’s Facebook page following their post regarding their closure.