Celebrate National Pet Adoption Day at PETStock Clayfield

On the 4th of February, PETStock Clayfield will welcome visitors from pet rescue organisations who will bring with them homeless pets that families can adopt. The activity is part of a campaign to raise awareness about pet adoption as part of National Pet Adoption Day.

The activity is part of a partnership among PETstock, its charity foundation PETstock Assist, and not-for-profit animal rescue organisation, PetRescue. The institutions would like for people to embrace the concept of pet adoption more openly than buying pets from shops.

The National Pet Adoption Day event will take place across different PETStock branches on 4th February. Pets will be available for adoption on the day. Pet adoption experts from different animal rescue groups will also have a discussion with people who are interested about adoption.

Credit: PETStock Facebook

PETStock’s community initiatives emphasize the many benefits of adopting pets. One is that pet from rescue group or shelter already has a profile. This means that it already has a record of its personality, how it behaves and reacts, its age, its special needs, and temperament. Future families have an upper hand in knowing the pets that they would welcome to their homes. Aside from this, adopting pets will be more suitable for families with small children as their rescuers could easily match a pet which is friendlier and more patient towards kids or more accustomed to being a playmate.

Credit: PETStock Facebook

PETStock Assist has always been committed to find permanent homes and families for homeless animals. As part of this objective, the charity group makes it a point to involve the community through activities that educate them about fostering homeless animals. It also welcomes other animal rescue organisations across Australia to join this initiative.

Those outside of Clayfield can check here for the nearest PETStock participating in National Pet Adoption Day.

PETStock Clayfield is at 737 Sandgate Road