Clayfield College, 3 Other SEQ Schools to Enjoy New Scenic Rim Retreat

Students from Clayfield College, Brisbane Boys’ College, Somerville House, and Sunshine Coast Grammar School are poised to experience a unique blend of leadership and teamwork development at a newly acquired rural retreat in the Scenic Rim. 

The Presbyterian and Methodist Schools Association (PMSA), which governs these four prominent South East Queensland schools, has recently purchased a significant property near Lake Moogerah.

This acquisition represents a strategic shift from the previously planned Outdoor Learning Campus at Mount Moon, as the PMSA seeks to provide more diverse and enriching educational experiences for its students.

Embracing Nature and Leadership

Located in the serene backdrop of Lake Moogerah, the new retreat promises a host of outdoor activities designed to foster practical and active learning. 

Clayfield College
Photo Credit: PMSA Schools

The PMSA envisions this space as not just a site for physical activity but as a hub where students can connect with nature and each other, away from the distractions of technology. 

This aligns with their broader objective of holistic student development, emphasizing Christian values and behavioural characteristics such as resilience, confidence, and leadership.

PMSA Schools
Photo Credit: PMSA Schools

A Community-Oriented Approach

The PMSA’s decision to acquire this new property was driven by a desire to enhance and enrich the educational opportunities available to students and their families. 

“Through this purchase, we will now have our own dedicated outdoor education facility that will support the delivery of a PMSA outdoor education experience,” PMSA Board Chair, Margaret Berry said.

This vision extends beyond the PMSA schools, as the facility will also be available to other schools and private groups after the completion of building works.

Building Towards the Future

Under the guidance of the PMSA, the new retreat will undergo refurbishment and remodeling to become a state-of-the-art outdoor education center. 

Expected to be operational by 2025, it will serve as a dynamic environment for students to learn, adapt to changes, work collaboratively, and become better versions of themselves. 

“Camp Moogerah gives us the capacity to operate a purpose-built facility that will enable us to facilitate a robust and comprehensive outdoor education program to meet the holistic needs of our students and support the long term needs of schools,” PMSA Chief Executive Officer, Shane Coppin said.

The PMSA schools regularly engage in a range of collaborative activities, from Christian fellowship to debating, sports, and leadership programs. These activities, now further supported by the new retreat, underscore the association’s commitment to building caring school communities and delivering exceptional education.

Published 7-Dec-2023