Clayfield among top suburbs for bicycle theft

If you think your home is the safest place for your bicycle, think again. According to the state’s peak motoring body, Clayfield locals and homeowners from several other suburbs need to be aware that bicycle thefts will most likely happen when their bike is parked at home.

Ninety-nine percent of bicycle theft cases involve bicycles taken from the home, the three-year claims data from RACQ revealed. The Gold Coast suburb of Mermaid Beach had the most claims for bicycle theft, followed by Clayfield, West Mackay, Southport, and Burleigh Heads.

Being home doesn’t make a bike safer from theft as many of these cases happen even while the owner is just nearby.

“Bicycles are being stolen from the front yard, apartment balcony, garage, decks and carports,” club spokesperson Lucinda Ross said.

“This is people’s property, and for those who rely on their bikes to get them to school or work, having it stolen can really put a spanner in the works,” she said.

“Make sure you close your garage, use a lock on your bike – even at home, and keep it out of sight.”

Photo Credit: Markus Spiske /Unsplash

Queensland Police Service (QPS) said that bicycle thieves do not care what type of bicycle they steal, thus owners are warned to be vigilant and proactive when leaving their bikes unattended, whether in a public place, at work, or at home.

QPS provided these tips when leaving your bicycle unattended:

  • Always secure your bicycle with a locking mechanism and make sure it is a quality lock which is secured to a fixed object
  • Park your bicycle in well-lit areas with lots of pedestrian traffic and high visibility whenever possible
  • Take photographs of your bicycle and make a note of the serial number
  • Remove accessories such as lights, pumps and bike computers with you when you leave your bike unattended.