Clayfield Entrepreneur Steps Up With Innovative Product That Promotes Hygiene and Convenience

Under these “coronavirus times,” people are starting to get used to a new way of living in a world with a heightened focus on social distancing, personal hygiene, and increased health awareness. This “new normal” has literally opened new doors for enterprising businessman James Byrne and his product, “StepNPull.”

Riding on people’s desire to be more conscious about keeping their hands clean particularly in public places to avoid coronavirus transmission, the young entrepreneur saw a niche opportunity for “StepNPull,” a hands-free opener for swinging doors.

It eliminates cross-contamination risk by keeping people from touching germ-laden surfaces such as door handles in public restrooms, hospital doors, and similar high-traffic areas.

The “StepnPull” website describes the device as a “…foot-operated door opener that works on any latch-less commercial wood or metal door.” Using it is as easy as stepping down on the device with one foot and pulling it open.

The device currently sells for a retail price of $49. Originally developed in the United States, James Byrne has brought the product to Australia through a licensing agreement with his company, StepNPull Oceania, based in Clayfield.

Initial stocks of StepNPull have been imported from the United States. To better cater to local demand, Mr Byrne is setting up a production facility which is expected to be operational in Eagle Farm within 2020.

Once production and logistics have been established and optimised, StepNPull Oceania plans to distribute to Southeast Asia and South America, as well.

Easy to Install and Use

StepNPull is easy to install. Most concerns are addressed by the FAQ page on their website. The product also carries a 2-year warranty.

Among the enthusiastic users of StepNPull are the University of Queensland, McDonald’s Facebook, Energex, Rio Tinto, Crown Resorts, and BHP.

StepNPull users.
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