The Calile Hotel Architects Designs A Rare Gem of Clayfield

In the lush neighbourhood of Clayfield, there’s a special house designed by the talented architects from Richards and Spence, known for their work on hotels and shops, such as The Calile Hotel in the inner city. 

Whilst they’re usually famous for that, this two-story house at 8 Milne Street in Clayfield is a rare discovery. It was finished in 2011 and was the very first standalone home project for this architect duo.

Breaking the Rules

What sets this house apart is that it doesn’t follow the usual rules for home designs. Instead of having a regular front and back yard, the architects decided to make the most of the narrow plot by pushing the house design “to the edges” along the boundaries. This way, they created a big outdoor space in the middle of the house. 

The main living areas, like the kitchen, living room, and dining space, all look out onto a spacious courtyard with a pool. This not only keeps the nosy neighbours at bay but also lets natural light and fresh air flood into the house.

The inside of the house is all about simple and modern design. They used light-coloured concrete blocks and stonework for the interiors, giving it a sleek look. But they used traditional timber and tin for the outside, just like old Queensland houses. This way, they followed the local rules while making a bold and unique statement.

Inside, there’s a big central hallway with high walls made of those concrete blocks. This creates open spaces over the living and media rooms, and there are four bedrooms and a lounge upstairs.

The Power of Concrete and Stone

Instead of going for a lightweight timber and tin house, which is more common in hot climates, the architects found inspiration in a Danish architect’s house made from local limestone. They wanted to make the house look like a bit of a ruin.

They even put the window frames on the outside of the walls, so it’s hard to see them. This idea has been used in their other famous projects like The Calile Hotel and La Scala.

“This house is really special in Queensland’s world of architecture. Richards and Spence are famous not just locally but all around the world. Owning this house is a fantastic chance,” real estate agent Heath Williams from Place Estate Agents New Farm said.

So, this Clayfield house is like a hidden treasure for architecture lovers. It shows how talented architects can make a unique and amazing place to live. If you’re into architecture and want a one-of-a-kind home in Clayfield, you should check it out.

Published 3-Nov-2023