Clayfield’s Charming White Gables Home Sells for $4M on Intense Auction Day

A 1930s home in Clayfield has recently gone into auction. Popularly known as the White Gables on Craven Street, the home was originally built as a father’s present for his daughter. The most recent owner, Kate Naughton, purchased the home in 2002, making her the third owner of the home.

Once the home was under their possession, the two-bedroom house underwent an extensive renovation split into four stages.

Ms Naughton turned the home into a six-bedroom house They also extended the carport to accommodate six cars that also doubles as a function space for any type of gatherings. The kitchen also went through an upgrade. New facilities were also built such as a spa area and a tennis court.

In the previous month, the home was the most viewed property on On auction day, the tennis court was packed with 150 attendees and had three bidders fight for the property. After a tense period, the home was sold for $4 million earlier this month to local medical professionals.

Another historic property in the north was sold for $3,360,000. The colonial home in New Farm also brought on a tense bidding that went on for half an hour.

Several historic homes in the city have gone under the hammer. Last year, another one of the oldest homes in the city, Bowen Hills’ Cintra House built in 1863 hit the market.