Clayfield College Among Brisbane’s Top Primary Schools

Primary at Clayfield College
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Clayfield College’s Primary School is among the top Brisbane primary schools, based on academic results in 2018.

The primary school got a perfect 100 State Overall Score as it collected 5 ratings for English and Maths in the recently released 2018 ratings by Better Education.

The list ranked the top 150 primary schools in Brisbane, rating the students’ performance in English and Maths with 5 rating scales.

The result is a perfect improvement for Clayfield College, which had an overall score of 99 in 2017 and 2016.

Primary School at Clayfield College
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Not only does the achievement affirm Clayfield College’s reputation as one of Brisbane’s top primary schools, but the improved ranking attests to the school’s commitment to continually improve.

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Ten other schools received a State Overall Score of 100. Six of the schools with a 100 total score are government schools and five are private schools, including Clayfield College.

2018 Top Private Primary
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2018 Top Public Primary
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About Clayfield College

Clayfield College is a private school known for its high academic standards.

The school has a tradition of providing high quality education in a Christian learning environment wherein students are encouraged, nurtured and inspired to achieve personal excellence.

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The Primary School has a coeducational environment and offers a student-centered education in contrast to the usual subject-centered education offered by most schools.

Clayfield Classroom
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The staff are well trained to implement quality learning experiences where the individual needs of students are taken into consideration. This enables children with different learning styles to reach their full potential, consistent with the school’s motto of encouraging students to ‘Let Your Light Shine’.

Art Class at Clayfield
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