Clayfield GP Clinic Launches New Monthly Membership Model

Clayfield GP Clinic
Photo credit: Evercare/Facebook

Tired of long waits for doctor’s appointments, high out-of-pocket costs, and a fragmented healthcare experience? A new monthly membership program offered by Clayfield GP clinic Evercare aims to provide a solution.

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Located at Junction Road, Evercare has introduced this innovative new membership-based model for patient care just last month. 

As of July 2023, patients now have the option to pay a daily membership fee of $45 per month or as little as $1.50 daily for priority access to doctors, appointments, after-hours care and more through the Evercare app.

Clayfield GP Clinic
Photo credit: Evercare/Facebook

Evercare’s membership program provides patients with an effective way to manage their primary healthcare expenses. 

Members gain access to a general practitioner who serves as both a medical provider and trusted confidante. Through the Evercare app or in-clinic visits, members can readily connect with their assigned GP to address their healthcare needs.

How It Works

Photo credit: Evercare/Facebook

The $45 monthly membership fee offered by the Clayfield GP clinic is paid one month in advance at the time of joining and on the 1st of each month thereafter. Members can book their first appointment right away. The membership can be cancelled at any time.

For a first appointment, members will need to come into the Evercare clinic and complete a Baseline Health Check, unless they already have telehealth eligibility with their selected GP. If members prefer a telehealth first appointment, that option is available for an out-of-pocket charge.

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At the time of the first appointment, whether in-clinic or telehealth, the member’s designated payment method will be charged the standard Medicare rate. Within 24 hours, Medicare will refund this amount in full, leaving members with no out-of-pocket costs for standard appointments as part of the membership.

To learn more or become an Evercare member, visit

Published 25-August-2023