Clayfield’s Wooden Horse Restaurant Reopens With New Fine Dining Focus

Wooden horse restaurant
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At first glance, Wooden Horse restaurant in Clayfield looks unchanged as the same cosy cottage structure nestled into the neighbourhood. But inside, significant changes have upgraded this local favourite to fine dining destination under owners Chef Nick Alba and his wife Ruby.

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Since they have taken over ownership, some changes have occurred transitioning it from neighbourhood favourite to fine dining destination. That’s because Chef Alba brings world-class experience to match the charming atmosphere.

Chef Alba and his wife met whilst both working in hospitality in 2014. As he trained under Gordon Ramsay in London and helped lead restaurants like Maze Grill, his hunger grew to one day run his own venue. 

Chef Nick Alba and wife Ruby (Photo credit:

The couple moved to New Zealand in 2016, allowing Chef Alba to further hone techniques in Nordic cuisine and contemporary European styles at some of New Zealand’s top eateries.

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From there, Chef Alba’s distinct flair and ethos for ultra-fresh local ingredients took root. So when the couple returned to Australia in search of the perfect restaurant to make their mark on, they realised they already had a strong connection to their hometown gem after Alba grew up nearby and knew Clayfield well.

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Though Wooden Horse retained its quaint interior and warm service, Chef Alba has implemented the skills gathered across the globe into elevating the menu from reliable Mediterranean dishes to inventive degustation experiences with seasonal Australian ingredients as the stars. Diners now sample his takes on everything from smoked honey tarts to caramelised pork belly fresh out of the wood-fired oven.

Wooden Horse Restaurant
 Photo credit: Wooden Horse Restaurant/Instagram

The Albas have also cultivated specialty cocktail and boutique wine lists to perfectly pair with the seasonal menu. 

Wooden Horse Restaurant
 Photo credit: Wooden Horse Restaurant/Instagram

The neighbourhood cottage’s charm remains but it now offers cuisine on par with Brisbane’s top trendy establishments – and not simply because of technique but thanks to the new owners’ hospitality passions coming full circle. 

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From Maze Grill to New Zealand darling eateries and now to Clayfield, the journey has made Wooden Horse an even brighter light among the vibrant Brisbane dining scene.

Visit their website to learn more about their new fine dining menu.

Published 29-February-2024