Closing Time: Wing Fury Says Goodbye To Clayfield

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Photo credit: Wing Fury/Google Maps

To the disappointment of their loyal following, Clayfield’s beloved restaurant Wing Fury has closed due to supply chain disruptions.

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The management announced the permanent closure on social media, leaving some followers wondering why it’s so sudden. 

“You know what s***s? Goodbyes. So what I’m going to say instead is this is the very last day you can eat Wing Fury as it’s closing its doors,” the Facebook post reads.

“It has been amazing. It’s not you, it’s us.”

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Photo credit: Wing Fury/Facebook

In a radio interview with 4BC, owner Sam explained that the cost of products just kept rising to a point she couldn’t pass on to customers. She said it seems unfair to charge people a premium cost when it’s only because of food shortages.

Located along Junction Road, Wing Fury was once the go-to for heavenly chicken wings. The crunchy coating and the sauce, which is packed with flavour, kept people coming back. They also had gluten-free options for healthy eaters.

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Photo credit: Wing Fury/Facebook

The announcement left some customers sad, including Matthias, one of their patrons, who would even drive all the way from Burpengary for the honey buffalo wings.

“Your shop is our go-to place for yummy chicken wings and pizza. Our Friday movie nights dinner will be a bit boring now,” said Grace.

“NEED the honey mustard and sticky Vietnamese recipes. Literally drive and wait hours for your wings some nights, don’t think we will ever find any as good anywhere else,” wrote Chanelle.

wing fury
Photo credit: Justine Meade/Google Maps

“Sad news. I used to come 30min to get wings and pizza because you made the best, and possibly only, gluten-free wings in Brisbane. I wish you the best for the future, and hope one day you might share your gluten-free crumb recipe,” Graham commented on the post.

As for the ‘secret’ sauce recipes, the owner would either keep them or pass them down to her family for generations.