Community Submissions Sought for Albion Exchange Development Project

Albion Exchange
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Lodging of submissions about the updated proposal of the Albion Exchange project is open until 12 February 2019.

The Albion Exchange is a public-private partnership project between the State Government (The Queensland Rail and The Department of Transport and Main Roads) and Geon Property. This $750-million development project was introduced in September 2018.

The updated development involves two mixed-use towers, to be constructed across two stages, with 309 units of multiple dwellings, plus amenities which include a child care centre, health care service, indoor sport and recreation, parking, and a public plaza that spans the rail corridor.

After conducting series of community consultations over the last three months, the Geon Property group had developed and worked thoroughly with the Council on their revisions for this project. The revisions were lodged on 11 January 2019, and it is also currently posted on the Council’s PD online webpage.

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Revised Plans For Albion Exchange

Geon Property senior development manager Tim Rossberg mentioned the importance of the community consultations for the Albion Exchange development. The insights shared by the community members include building height and design, traffic management, carparking,and safety. Here is a summary of the revisions presented by Geon Property:

  • Reduced building heights across both towers. Tower 1A is now 25 storeys, 5 storeys down from its original proposal of 30, whilst Tower 1B is now 22 storeys, 1 storey down from its original proposal of 23.
  • Reduction of unit numbers from 330 down to 309. A total number of 61 parking spaces have also been removed.
  • Repositioning of proposed towers to give a significant increase of space between the two towers and the Hudson building. The available space brought by this repositioning will be of use as a recreational space for the future residents in the area.
  • Enhancement of overall cyclist-friendly elements. This include increase of bicycle accessibility to and within the vicinity of the area and as well as the addition of more bicycle parks.
  • Additional green open spaces throughout the site for a healthier environment.
  • Improvement and additional pedestrian connections and access.

Geon Property ensures the continuation of regular engagement amongst them, the Council, and the community, as this project progresses given these newly revised proposal.

Community Input

Clayfield Albion Exchange
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Hamilton Ward Cr David McLachlan updates and reminds the locals via Facebook post regarding the submission of inputs with regards thos this new revised proposal given by the proponents of the the Albion Exchange project.

I understand that the next stage will be for this proposal to be ‘publically advertised’ starting Monday 21/1/19, with signs posted on the lots included in the proposal and advertisements in newspapers, encouraging the lodging of submissions for the following 3 weeks (15 business days). All details will be on the posted signs and in the press ads.

Cr McLachlan further explains that anyone who submits a properly made submission during this given period (from January 21st until February 12th 2019) will be given appeal rights when a decision is made for this Impact Assessable application of the Albion Exchange.