Community Warning: Clayfield Residents Urged to Secure Motorcycles Against Theft

clayfield residents
Photo credit: Nicholas Dias/Pexels

Local authorities are urging Clayfield residents to exercise greater vigilance and take preventive measures to reduce the risk of their motorcycles being stolen.

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This comes after two incidents of motorcycle theft were reported in Clayfield during the early hours of Tuesday, 9 May 2023, prompting a warning from the police.

One of the stolen motorcycles, which had been parked on Montpelier Street, suffered damage to its steering lock and ignition before being transported to Oriel Road. 

Photo credit: Queensland Police Service

The alleged thieves, however, were interrupted in their attempt to load the vehicle into a white van, resulting in the motorcycle being dropped and sustaining significant damage as they fled the scene.

Meanwhile, the second motorcycle was reportedly taken from a driveway on the same street. Despite ongoing efforts, the stolen Yamaha MT07 with Queensland registration 259XQ has yet to be recovered.

Law enforcement officials suspect that the same culprits are responsible for both thefts, given the close proximity and similarity of the incidents. As a precautionary measure, the police are urging the public to remain alert and report any suspicious individuals or the presence of a white van near motorcycles.

Sergeant Constable Kim Richter stressed the importance of taking necessary precautions, as stolen motorcycles are often repurposed through the replacement of licence plates and sold, or dismantled and sold as separate parts. Owners are strongly advised to ensure their motorcycles are stored securely and appropriately.

clayfield residents
Photo credit: Bonus Studio/Pexels

“Their smaller size and weight allows them to be physically picked up and loaded on or into another vehicle,” said S/Con Richter. 

In light of these recent thefts, the police are intensifying efforts to apprehend the perpetrators and safeguard the community from further incidents. Clayfield residents are encouraged to cooperate with the authorities and remain vigilant to help maintain a safe and secure neighbourhood.

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Individuals with relevant information are urged to contact Policelink. They can provide information via the online suspicious activity form, accessible 24 hours a day, at Alternatively, they can call 131 444 to report any information they may have.

Published 15-May-2023