First Residents Move into Former Retirement Village in Clayfield

Clayfield Retirement Home
Photo Credit: Photo Credit: CrLeeanneEnochMP/Facebook

In a bid to address the issue of a housing shortage in Brisbane, the first residents of a repurposed former retirement village in Clayfield have moved into the property. 

Partnering with Bric Housing and Communify Queensland Ltd., the project for 37 homes aims to provide long-term accommodation for older Queenslanders who are downsizing or facing homelessness. With the first residents safely in their new homes, the Clayfield property marks a significant milestone in the government’s efforts to tackle the housing crisis.

Housing Minister Meaghan Scanlon expressed her confidence in the new tenants’ well-being.

“I know the new tenants will be well supported in their new homes by Bric Housing and Communify Queensland, who will manage the property and deliver on-site supports.”

The 37 self-contained units offer safe and secure housing options, particularly for older individuals who may be experiencing or at risk of homelessness or seeking smaller homes. The Palaszczuk Government has been proactive in acquiring or leasing vacant former retirement villages to cater to the pressing housing needs of Queenslanders. Alongside the Clayfield property, the government has purchased a vacant former retirement village in Toowoomba and leased another in Redland Bay.

To ensure the successful integration and support of residents, the Palaszczuk Government allocated $14 million in funding over two years in the latest budget. This funding will go towards providing on-site supports at the Clayfield property, as well as the former retirement villages in Toowoomba and Redlands.

Minister Scanlon emphasized the government’s commitment to providing immediate housing solutions.

“The Palaszczuk Government is leaving no stone unturned in our efforts to find new ways we can provide immediate housing for Queenslanders.”  

The acquisition and repurposing of vacant former retirement villages serve as part of these ongoing efforts, with over 120 households set to benefit from the combined housing solutions offered by the three locations.

For individuals in need of housing assistance, the Palaszczuk Government encourages contacting their local Housing Service Centre during business hours or reaching out to the 24/7 Homeless Hotline at 1800 474 753.

Published 5-July-2023