Former Sisters of Mercy Convent in Wooloowin Designated for Childcare Centre Development

Sisters of Mercy
Photo Credit: David Carter Architect/Development Application/BCC

A portion of the historic Sisters of Mercy site in Wooloowin has been designated for development as a childcare centre. Changes could be made to the structure of the former convent.

Located on Morris Street, developer De Luca Corporation Pty Ltd detailed plans to build the facility that will accommodate 110 children via DA A005776689, lodged with Brisbane City Council on 16 July 2021.

The development is in line with Cedar Woods’ townhouse project, dubbed Greville Wooloowin, in the same Sisters of Mercy site covering sections of Bridge, Chalk and Merehaye Streets. 

De Luca Corporation Pty Ltd said that it’s negotiating to buy the convent’s land for the childcare centre from Dunland Property Pty Ltd, which owns Cedar Woods. The facility will stand next to the aged care accommodations. 


  • De Luca Corporation Pty Ltd plans to build a childcare centre in a section of the Sisters of Mercy site in Wooloowin.
  • The developer intends to buy the land where the convent stands from Dunland Property Pty Ltd, the owner of Cedar Woods, which bought the Sisters of Mercy site in 2015 for residential development.
  • Some changes to the convent’s structure will be undertaken if the development application receives approval. 

The former Sisters of Mercy property is a Local Heritage Place which was sold to Dunland Property Pty Ltd. in 2015. The convent has been empty since the purchase with the doors and windows boarded up to prevent trespassers. 

In 2017, Council approved plans for the redevelopment of the sprawling Sisters of Mercy site as an aged care and residential facility. Greville Wooloowin has begun its first stage of civil works this year, where some of the townhouses have been pre-sold.  

Photo Credit: Development Application/BCC
Photo Credit: Development Application/BCC

“As a consequence of the change of use of the heritage building some minor heritage fabric is proposed to be demolished and the remaining heritage fabric will be restored,” the developers stated. 

“There will also be some alterations and extensions to the heritage building. There is a new single storey building proposed to the south and east of the heritage building which will provide the additional accommodation required for the Childcare Centre.”

De Luca Corporation Pty Ltd also intends to incorporate 22 car parking spaces, play areas at the rear of the building, and pedestrian access from Morris Street to the car park. 

In November 2020, the developer met with Council officers to discuss its intention for the facility before lodging the application. As a Local Heritage Place, residents may appeal this project but, as of press time, Council has not yet set a public notification date for submissions.