Hendra Gears Up for Golden Arches: McDonald’s Proposed for Nudgee Road


A new McDonald’s restaurant is poised to rise on the corner of Nudgee and Gerler Roads in Hendra, marking a significant development for the area.

Photo Credit: DA A006543699

The application, submitted for the property at 330 Nudgee Road, details designs for a modern fast-food restaurant by PA Architects.

The 293-square-metre restaurant would occupy a 2,120-square-metre corner site, replacing the existing vehicle rental business and accessing both Nudgee and Gerler Roads. The development would include landscaping and an acoustic fence to minimise the impact on surrounding residential areas.

Urbis, the planning consultant for the project, argues that the proposal aligns with the area’s existing and historical land use. They emphasise that the development would not compromise the residential character of the neighbourhood or reduce the availability of residential land.

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Photo Credit: DA A006543699

The proposal outlines a pedestrian pathway to the Nudgee Road footpath, ensuring accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists. The drive-through, designed with two lanes, is expected to accommodate 12 cars, aiming to streamline traffic flow and minimise congestion.

Photo Credit: DA A006543699

The development application is currently under review by the Brisbane City Council. Should it be approved, the new McDonald’s would join the existing Nudgee Service Centre location on Nudgee Road, further expanding the fast-food chain’s presence in the area.

Published Date 26-June-2024