Locals Fight to Save Poinciana Tree

Locals in Clayfield and Ascot neighbourhoods are calling on Brisbane City Council to intervene and save a Poinciana tree on Alexandra Road.

A two-storey home is planned at 99 Alexandra Road, but part of the proposal is to cut down the Poinciana tree to make way for a new driveway.

Nearby residents are protesting the plan as it would damage the streetscape of the area. Joe Patterson, who lives beside the property, made a drive to inform the community of the plan and gathered support to save the tree. He called on supporters to contact Councillor David McLachlan and let the councillor know of their disapproval.

In the pamphlet distributed by Mr Patterson, he accused the councillor of not protecting neighbourhood rights. He stressed that the tree epitomises the amenity of the area and removing it would be detrimental to the neighbourhood landscape.

Inaccurate Plans

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In response, Councillor McLachlan rejected suggestions that he supported the removal of the tree. He requested that the approval of the removal be taken back and asked the planners to update the plans. The developer will have to retain the tree even as they build the driveway. The tree should also be protected during construction.

Through the course of the dispute, it was discovered that there were errors and misinformation in the plans submitted to the town planners. In the construction plans, the tree was described to be much smaller than its actual size.

Cr McLachlan called on planners and architects to be more accurate in the descriptions they submit to authorities to avoid grey areas.