One of Chermside’s Most Popular Cupcake Shops Touches Down in Clayfield


The Cupcake Patisserie, a much-loved dessert shop in Chermside known for its fresh and homemade cupcakes and cakes, is opening its second location in Clayfield.

Owners Aimee Wilcox and Amanda Scott excitedly announced they are currently getting the new store ready, in time for its anticipated launch in mid-to-late May 2019.

The Cupcake Patisserie will take over the former vegetarian cafe Two Tables site along Sandgate Rd, on the border of Albion and Clayfield.

Cupcake fans can expect to find over 25 flavours of cupcakes from the new store. With a rotating line-up of featured hand-decorated baked goods, The Cupcake Patisserie ensures its fans freshly baked goodies using all natural ingredients without artificial preservatives.

The cupcakery will offer nine everyday favourites that run through all seasons: double choc, red velvet, Tim Tam, Fairy Floss, salted caramel, rocky road, choc fudge and choc peppermint.

In addition to cakes and cupcakes, the ladies will come up with cookies, muffins, slices and brownies, with new gluten-free and vegan options in the soon-to-open store.

For their customers who want to celebrate their tailwagger’s birthday, the duo will introduce a range of pet treats, including doggie birthday cakes and biscuits. Like their desserts, the pet treats will also be available for delivery.

To stay updated about The Cupcake Patisserie’s launch in Clayfield, check out their website or follow their Facebook page.