Spend a Productive Saturday Learning Crochet in Clayfield

If you’ve got three hours of leisure time to spare on a Saturday in Clayfield, then you might be interested to join a creative, productive and relaxing activity. Once a month, the Brisbane Mums Group get together to chat and eat while they finish their crochet projects.

On Saturday, the 27th of April, at 10:00 a.m., the group will once again meet to conduct a Crochet Beginners Class for those who want to learn and start a crafting hobby. This invitation is open not just for Clayfield residents as those from Nundah or West End may also sign up.

During this three-hour session, participants will be taught important crochet basics and terminology. They will also be expected to make their very first granny square to proudly share to the club’s Facebook Group.

While some people may regard crochet as a popular activity fit for grandmothers or hipsters, century-old scientific studies believe that it is beneficial to mental health, skill development and diversional therapy to help let go of your stress and worries. Moreover, crocheting with a group of people would be a great opportunity for making friends and learning from seasoned crafters.

Photo Credit: Brisbane Mums Group/Facebook

If you enjoy the beginners class, then you can move on to the  next levels of crochet classes with the Brisbane Mums Group:

  • Corner to Corner Class (C2C)
  • Crochet Stitches Class
  • Grantastic Square Class

The Crochet Beginners Class cost $69 per person and you may book online or call 1300 32 22 32 to reserve a slot and learn more details about the class and the club. The next class will be on the 22nd of June.